1. KENNETH DIAGO 3539 2.14 84.43% 2988 104 417 +29,436.02 83.18%
2. DAVID DANILO 3277 2.13 83.43% 2734 95 408 +26,597.48 81.16%
3. NGUYEN THONG TRI 3472 2.12 83.73% 2907 76 440 +27,976.95 80.58%
4. SIMON PANG 3753 2.15 84.17% 3159 89 463 +31,302.88 83.41%
5. FRANKY THOMPSON 5365 2.16 85.31% 4577 137 603 +197,890.99 368.86%
6. LESLEY WEBB 4880 2.16 85.76% 4185 117 541 +192,845.63 395.18%
7. JO LEWIS 6052 2.16 86.35% 5226 130 655 +200,060.99 330.57%
8. MEDHANIE HAGOS 4999 2.16 85.04% 4251 113 595 +188,953.26 377.98%
9. SAMSON KAZANTSEV 4648 2.14 83.99% 3904 114 586 +38,199.51 82.18%
10. DAVID SPENCER 5106 2.14 85.31% 4356 100 585 +209,368.62 410.04%
11. PAUL HODGSON 4964 2.15 84.81% 4210 116 579 +194,500.66 391.82%
12. BEN D. TORRES 4065 2.15 83.32% 3387 92 552 +32,964.84 81.09%
13. GABRIEL EYOB 4497 2.15 84.95% 3820 97 533 +196,143.18 436.16%
14. GEORGE COOK 4733 2.15 84.15% 3983 124 590 +38,847.42 82.08%
15. HERIBALD SACKVILLE 5296 2.15 84.48% 4474 119 643 +214,539.78 405.1%
16. CALLUM LYNCH 5396 2.16 84.56% 4563 126 647 +202,865.59 375.96%
17. RYAN FARMER 3716 2.15 82.64% 3071 91 502 +29,945.69 80.59%
18. PAUL RONNEY 4785 2.15 83.11% 3977 122 633 +39,420.35 82.38%
19. EDWARD VINCENT 3520 2.15 82.95% 2920 85 474 +28,733.41 81.63%
20. LEWIS SCOTT 3761 2.15 83.38% 3136 87 499 +30,594.24 81.35%
21. JORDAN MORAN 4945 2.16 84.69% 4188 138 576 +198,538.73 401.49%
22. CHESTER PILLER 4523 2.18 84.02% 3800 113 571 +38,613.10 85.37%
23. CARL F.BUSHERER 4304 2.16 83.69% 3602 104 547 +185,991.06 432.14%
24. TOM SPENCER 4223 2.15 83.54% 3528 106 529 +194,494.69 460.56%
25. PORLEIFUR GUOFINNSSON 5314 2.16 84.70% 4501 123 632 +212,882.83 400.61%
26. EWAN MCKENZIE 3638 2.16 82.85% 3014 90 491 +29,616.76 81.41%
27. TAYLOR THORPE 5157 2.18 84.16% 4340 126 631 +201,657.03 391.04%
28. LUONG QUANG 3714 2.16 83.04% 3084 97 486 +30,707.81 82.68%
29. MAX PICKERING 5226 2.17 84.79% 4431 110 625 +199,484.52 381.72%
30. GABRIEL YEFREMOV 3852 2.17 82.32% 3171 88 549 +31,137.18 80.83%
31. MICHEAL MILLE 4973 2.17 84.70% 4212 91 615 +187,375.92 376.79%
32. PARK WU 4783 2.17 83.69% 4003 114 622 +39,928.85 83.48%
33. IGOR ALIYEV 4559 2.18 83.83% 3822 123 576 +38,572.90 84.61%

Best Tipster in The World

If you are a punter looking to win regularly on your soccer bets, you would need the help of the best tipster in the world. This requires you to find the best bet prediction sites in the world. Eventually, making accurate predictions comes down to evaluation of all key factors that influence a soccer match. There are different types of factors, with their importance increasing or decreasing based on the match.

Understanding Soccer Dynamics

Soccer is a unique sport as both skills and luck have a role to play in it. However, most of the time a technically better and stronger side is going to most of the matches against a weaker side. But it cannot always win. This is an area where most punters seem to make a mistake when predicting the outcome of a match. And this is where we at fccasoccer come into the picture.
We evaluate all the key factors to take into account the probability side of a match. It often occurs that a dominating team misses most or all of its chances and the other side scores to win the match. Thus, it is not just skills, but chance also plays a role in determining the outcome of a match. This is where you will need the help of a verified tipster to help you win on your bets.

Which is the best bet prediction site?

If you are looking for the best prediction site, you should look for the site that provides verified soccer tips. We evaluate all the important factors that affect a soccer match to come up with our predictions. Find out which factors matter the most when influencing a football match.
  • 1. Home/Away Form
    We take into account the form on both the sides. Since one side will be playing on home field and other on away field, it will be required do consider each side’s form on the respective field.

    There are clubs that have a long history of performing well on home fields. It is usually expected of teams to not perform as well on away fields, but there are certain exceptions. Our tipsters verified prediction take into account the home/away records of both sides to identify any trends.
  • 2. Team Lineups
    The lineups on both sides have a huge impact on the outcome of a match. Our verified soccer tips also take this important factor into account when making the predictions. If you want to succeed as a punter, you should have in-depth knowledge of each player, their current form, recent history of injuries or suspensions, the team managers, and the coaches.

    If a team lineup has been affected by injuries or suspensions to key players, it can have a big impact on the match. If a star striker is going to miss the upcoming match, the side is highly likely to score fewer goals than it would otherwise. Our experts will also take into account the quality of the replacement players when coming up with our predictions.
  • 3. Each Team’s Schedule
    The schedule of two teams playing in the same league can surprisingly be very different. The two teams may have to play in different higher or lower leagues or divisions. One side may also have to play in a championship tournament like the UEFA Champions League. If one side has a very important match next week, it may rest its star players for the current game. This can create a huge difference in how they perform.

    However, this is not the only way that the game schedule is evaluated by our verified soccer tipsters. A team with a very busy schedule that involves traveling to longer distances is likely to be at a slight disadvantage. A side that has more tired players is less likely to perform at its peak levels. Our experts will evaluate recent team results, upcoming matches, and list of home and away games to determine the likely outcomes of an upcoming match.
  • 4. Weather
    A home team playing on its familiar home turf is likely to have an edge over the other side. The best tipster in the world will look at the weather condition to be an important factor affecting the match’s odds. The home team is highly likely to be familiar or accustomed to the local weather conditions. This factor can especially be beneficial to them if the conditions are extreme.

    Harsh weather may create difficult conditions for the visiting team to perform to their fullest levels. This can be a big factor when the weather is different from that of the visiting team’s home field.

How do you predict a draw in soccer?

As already mentioned, soccer is a fascinating game where both skills and chance have important roles to play in the outcome and all the mini events such as the number of goals scored, corners, cards, and others. There is a unique area where football is different from other sports – the chance of a draw. The chance of a draw is much higher in soccer compare to other sports. Our verified tips on match results take into account a wide range of factors when predicting a draw.

It can be easy to predict a draw if the match is between two equally strong and skillful teams, after having adjusted all the other factors. However, our verified soccer tipsters will take many other factors into account when predicting a draw.

Extreme Performances

The best tipster in the world have in-depth knowledge of the clubs that are likely to deliver extreme performances. We evaluate past data to look at teams that have higher chances of their matches ending up in draws. For example, West Bromwich, Aston Villa, and Stoke have had a history of getting most draws in the decade following 2006.

Calculation of Chances of Draw

The following example should shed light on how the chances of draws can be calculated for a given match.
  • EPL matches have an average of 2.5 goals being scored between two clubs of almost equal caliber.
  • Going by this average, it is estimated that both the sides have a 29% chance that they may not score.
  • There is an 8% probability of the match ending with a score of 0-0.
  • There is a 13% probability that a match will end up with 1-1 on the scoreboard.

When the probabilities are calculated for all the potential scores in the situation of a draw, the probabilities need to be added to come up with the chance of a draw. In the above-mentioned example, this probability comes to 27%. It refers to the chance of a draw in the EPL.

Soccer games where the tipsters verified prediction for goals is even lesser, there is a higher chance that the scores will be lower on each side. This further increases the chances of the match ending up in a draw.

Who is the best tipster?

As already mentioned, the best tipster is a verified tipster who has taken into account all the key factors before coming up with their predictions. At fccasoccer, we verify each one of our tipster and their predictions. All tips and predictions made by our community of tipsters are verified before being posted or shared.