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Greek punters have access to the best and top-rated Asian sports betting platform, Rescuebet. Punters in Greece can access some of the best sportsbooks in Asia and the world on the Rescuebet platform launched for Greek punters and punters located across the globe.  Until the recent past, Greece’s betting market was monopolized by a single entity running on behalf of the Greek State.  Punters were at the mercy of the odds set by the bookmaker and could only participate in betting markets provided by the State-backed sportsbook. 

This restriction pushes the Greek punters looking at betting options and sportsbooks based outside the country to get access to better odds, multiple betting services, more sportsbooks, new betting markets, and more. Moreover, Greek punters aren’t restricted to betting with an operator within their country, such as Turkey, giving Greek punters more options than Turkish punters. 

In 2020, the Greek nation passed the Gambling Reform Act, which proposed a few radical changes. One of these changes included allowing betting companies to advertise to gamblers only above the age of 21. Also, sportsbooks and operators cannot imply that any game is skill-based or a punter can use skill to win.  

Features Of Rescuebet

1. Popular Sports Betting Events

Rescuebet features some of the best sportsbooks for some of the world’s (and Greece’s) most popular sports – football. Punters in Greece favor betting on football matches over most other sporting events. With Rescuebet, punters gain access to sporting events from across the globe with different featured betting markets. A punter can bet on the Super League Greece, or a punter can choose to make a wager on a Champions League game.      

2. More Sportsbooks To Choose From

Punters can choose one or several sportsbooks to place wagers with through Rescuebet. A punter has access to more betting options if a punter signs up with different sportsbooks. Punters can access the Rescuebet dashboard to gain access to Asia’s top sportsbooks such as Maxbet, SBOBet, M8Bet, Pinnacle sports, M8bet, United Gaming, IMsports, CMD368, and many more. With more sportsbooks competing with each other, punters can expect better services with more features and better betting margins.

3. Choice Of Currencies

Punters prefer using a currency they already possess to make a wager. A punter from Turkey would prefer to make a wager using the Turkish Lira as a currency. With Rescuebet, punters can choose either USD, MYR, INR, Yen, Yuan, Euro, and over 30 other currencies used worldwide. Punters have a minimal cost for depositing funds in the form of exchange fees or transfer fees. Moreover, punters can use regular banking channels to make deposits and withdrawals, such as the Bank of China, Standard Chartered, HSBC, or even through crypto-asset currencies like bitcoin.

4. Accessibility 

Punters can use the platform and access all sportsbooks in a language of preference, such as Greek. Bettors can access the platform from any island or the mainland in Greece with a stable internet connection and an electronic device capable of connecting to the internet. A punter needs a stable internet connection to sign up with Rescuebet and regularly access the top sportsbooks listed on the platform. The platform is designed to function smoothly on Ipads, phones, laptops, and computers running on Android, Windows, and IOS. 

5. Filing Taxes On Winnings

Punters must report all winnings on sports bets and file taxes with the authorities for the same. They need to pay 0 tax on winnings below 100 Euros, 10% tax on winnings below 500 Euros, and a 20% tax rate on winnings exceeding 500 Euros. In the past, punters were required to pay a 30% tax rate on winnings which served as a deterrent from punters making wagers and new punters entering the betting market. 

6. Rebates On Losses

In the world of sports betting, punters win some and lose some. These wins and losses can quickly transform into a streak of wins or losses. If a punter wins, then the punter will celebrate with the profit. However, with Rescuebet, punters can claim rebates of up to 15% on any losing week. The incidence of loss borne by a punter in a losing week is minimized by a huge margin with rebates on Rescuebet.  

7. Other Betting Services

Apart from sportsbooks, punters gain access to several other betting and wagering services on the Rescuebet platform. Greek punters can bet on Esports games and tournaments, live casino matches and tournaments, live slot games, gambling games, fishing games, betting podcasts, betting video series, sports betting strategies, promotions, and bonuses.

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